About me

Graphic Designer | UI/Web Designer | Visual artist

My name is Matúš Angelovič. I'm a freelancer. I invite you to look at my work and thanks for showing interest in my work.

I started to work with graphic design at secondary art school, which I attended. I always knew that the things could be done differently. Since I knew nothing about graphics, I signed up for computer design courses. I will never forget the one of the most important things I have learned, and that: “Everything is possible once you find the way how to do it”. These are the words I try to always keep in my mind when working.
After the secondary school, I worked in an advertising agency where I could use in practice my designing skills and the knowledge I gained. I have learned the basics of print set-up and the procedures of delivery processing.
Later, I got employed as a graphic designer for a private company, which operated several web sites. There, I have learned more about web design. However, after some time I felt unsatisfied with the low number of new challenges and impulses, therefore I decided to continue in my studies at university.
After finishing the first degree of university education I went through several graphic designer job positions in advertising agencies. Thanks to the experience I gained there I have decided to work as a freelancer.
Based on this experience I've decided to work as a freelance graphic designer which makes me more flexible and provides me with ample opportunities to see the projects through from their inception to their successful implementation.

Logo design

The first thing your client comes into contact with is a logo. Therefore it is very important that your logo expresses the business correctly and leaves your client with the right first impression.
When creating a logo, the highest priority is its sales-support that means that the design of the logo itself is very important for me.
The esthetical function as well as the usability of the logo belongs to the essential criteria I have for my work.